Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shadow Season Book Review

Title: Shadow Season
Author: Tom Piccirilli
Publisher: Random House
Pages: 304
ISBN: 9789553592474

Finn is an ex-cop, stricken blind after doing what he did best: protect and serve. After years of serving the people, Finn takes a job as a teacher at a very isolated all girls' prep school, were he thunks he might be safe, But he's wrong.

When Finn finds a girl passed out in the snow, he takes her in, only to find that she carries an omen; a warning that slowly begins to eat away at him. While at the same time, visions of his dead wife, Dani still haunt him in the dark, and so do two shady offenders who are out for blood -- a smell that brings visions of a crime scene to Finn's mind. Scenes that will never fade from his memory.

When the two intruders come after Finn -- endangering the girls who he teaches -- he knows that the only way to take care of the two shady fellows is if he does it himself.

Piccirilli writes superbly in describing what it means to be blind, and using adversity to weave an incredible story that will leave the reader as blind as Finn; even a man with perfect eyesight. As the story progresses, shadows culminate until it's too late, leaving strobe like flashes to illuminate the shadows that are hidden around every twist and turn.

Shadow Season is written in alternating chapters, dealing with flashbacks to earlier times of Finn's life: falling in love with his wife Dani, being accepted into the police force with his best friend Ray at his side the whole way, and several revelations that will slap the reader right in the face. This is one of those novels where the reader is automatically sucked into the story, characters and plot, and constantly find themselves making excuses to keep reading.

Having read several other titles by Mr. Piccirilli, I had a vague idea of what I would be getting myself into, but never would I have thought that it would keep me from having a social life! With good characters and an awesome plot, this is one book that I would recommend to anyone looking for a fun short read that'll get their hearts pumping, and adrenaline flowing.

Overall, I'd have to give Shadow Season 8.5 TARDIS's out of 10. So, if any of you are still stuck in your home because of snow, I'd suggest you go to your local library and check this book out. Don't run though, take your time. It's well worth putting your vehicle and self at risk for!


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