Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dark Creed Book Review

Title: Dark Creed
Author: Anthony Reynolds
Publisher: Black Library
Pages: 416
ISBN: 9781844167876

Dark Creed is the third and final book in a thrilling new series featuring the Word Bearers Legion.

If there is one thing that a traitor Space Marine legion does not need -- in addition to counting the whole galaxy against you -- it's inner turmoil. Dark Apostle Marduk of the tainted Word Bearers legion is having to deal with just that, as he wages war against the White Consul chapter of Space Marines. With the "Nexus Arrangement" -- a device of Necron origin -- newly acquired and now part of his arsenal, Marduk hopes to turn the war back in his favor. And perhaps, with the favor of the Chaos gods, the path of Terra will be opened to him.

However, in the midst of battle, an old enemy returns and destroys Marduk's plans. It quickly escalates into something that he does not want, but has no choice to face: a three front war that does not bode well; not even for a Dark Apostle as cunning as Marduk.

The level of turmoil within the Word Bearers is an eye opener, and sheds light onto the failed Black Crusades. It also illuminates the reader as to why Chaos Undivided isn't ruling the galaxy as it should, instead leaving the Emperor of Mankind to reign over the stars. Backstabbing is a very popular game in this novel by Black Library author Anthony Reynolds. From the lowliest menial slaves to those who stand in rank just under the Primarch Demon Prince himself, Dark Creed is full of twists and turns that will excite and shock readers of all ages.

While keeping up with all the backstabbing, Marduk must also watch his back, for someone is out to take his mantle. Although he is labeled the bad guy in this story, it is hard for one not to feel sorry for the Dark Apostle at times. Maybe it's his level head, or maybe the fact that he doesn't stoop to his comrades level of trickery just to fill a void in his ego, or maybe it's because he shows all the signs of your outstanding bad guy: he's driven, objective and a critical thinker.

Thank the Emperor they're not all like that!

The majority of what makes this book work is the inner turmoil within the Word Bearers Chapter, and as much as it's used to progress the storyline, it also hinders it. The reader has to pay careful attention, otherwise it'll make for a confusing read, leading them down different paths in the story that had not be marked before. And although the ending was superb, there was never really doubt in my mind how it would end, but Reynolds does a flawless job with pulling it off.

Dark Creed has it's draw backs, which is why I'm giving it 8 Sonic Screwdrivers out of 10. I highly recommend this book to any Warhammer 40k fan out there who like to see the bad guys win for a change. It's out on shelves wherever books are sold, so stop reading this and go pick up a copy today! And while your at it, pick up the first two books in this series as well: Dark Apostle and Dark Disciple.


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