Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Descendant Book Review

Title: Descendant
Author: Bob Freeman
Publisher: Belfire Press
Pages: 334
ISBN: 9781926912004

Move over Scully and Mulder, there's a new duo in town!

For Selina Wolfe and Martin Crowe kicking beastie, demon, werewolf and zombie ass isn't just part of their job description, but a way of life for the two agents who work for a covert branch of the FBI: the Paranormal Operations Division.

Within the first hundred pages of Descendant, Freeman sets about weaving an intricate web of interconnecting stories, building and expanding on the history of his mythos. Throughout this first part of the novel, each story focuses on a single character, introducing and expanding upon their background, building up to the second part of Descendant, which ties all of the aforementioned characters together into one solid story.

Somewhere in the Mississenewa State Forest, a group of high school students release Hell on Earth, starting with a series of murders that shake the community of Mississenewa to its core. When Wolfe and Crowe are called in to investigate these horrible and sometimes grizzly deaths, they quickly realize that it's more than just your typical group of teens dabbling in black magic and satanic rituals. And what stalks the Hoosier Heartland is far worse than anything the teenagers could ever conjure up. It all leads to an ending of apocalyptic proportions; a no-holds-barr smackdown that will leave you wanting more.

Descendant reminded me vaguely of the X-Files, but honestly, Wolfe and Crowe are much more badass than Mulder or Scully ever could be. Namely because of the situations the two agents find themselves in.

From cover to cover, Descendant is packed full of interesting tid-bits of knowledge, all of which end up finding their way into the story. Between ancient bloodlines, unholy alliances and magical orders of great power, Freeman's knowledge of dark magic and its history shows throughout every page.

Besides the story Freeman has written, one of the things I found interesting was the fact that Freeman did all of the artwork for Descendant, and man is it some awesome stuff! From the cover of the book, to the portraits gracing the title pages for the two separate parts, the art definitely stands out and adds another layer to the story.

Although I enjoyed losing myself within the pages of Descendant, there were times where I found myself being pulled from Wolfe and Crowe's world. Primarily because of a handful of words that seemed to find their way upon the pages multiple times in one chapter. Although I enjoyed the word choices in the beginning, by the end I was more than ready to read the last page just so I wouldn't have to read those same words again and again.

Word choice aside, Descendant was one hell of a ride. The familiar world that Wolfe and Crowe populate is as familiar as ours, but yet minutely different to the point of being unsure. Just in case, I'm not going to be looking in any dark corners any time soon! Descendant has earned 7.5 TARDIS' out of 10. I'm looking forward to the sequel. If it's anything like Descendant, it will be worth the wait!

If you're looking for a novel that involves magic, the paranormal and a duo way more badass than Mulder or Scully, and you don't mind supporting the small press, then pick up a copy of Descendant.


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