Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Very Firefly Easter.

I've had this one under my wing for the last couple of days, and I've been savoring it, but I thought, with it being Easter and all, that I'd go ahead and share this bit of exciting news with you, my fellow Browncoats:

You can expect the crew of Firefly to be jumping onto the page in the form of short stories next month, as Titan Publishing is set to release Firefly: Still Flying: A Celebration of Joss Whedon's Acclaimed TV Series.

If you're a true Browncoat like me, then you're probably about ready to piss your pants in excitement. Why? Because this will be the first time that a collection of short stories featuring Malcolm Reynolds and the crew of Firefly has been published. All the stories within the 160 pages of this book, will be written by the same show writers that contributed to the show. It will also feature storyboards, photos, art designs and concepts, as well as, quite possibly: a few historical pieces set in his universe, penned by the man himself: Joss Whedon. These will be mixed in with the short stories, which is a bonus if you're a total geek.

And yes, that's right, I said 160 pages. If you're anything like me -- besides the giant pee stain on your pants -- the page count is something that could have been... I don't know, expanded?


I think that's what's going to aggrivate me the most. Getting me hooked back on my Firefly crack, and then being ripped away from it, just as I'll be enveloping myself in it.

The tentative publishing date is May 27th, so expect a review to be posted up somewhere around that time. Until then my fellow Browncoats, you can order your very own copy here: Barnes and Nobles, or here: Amazon. Choose your poison.


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